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Through my experience of ten years as a nurse and eight years of studying and practicing psychotherapy I have learned how by practicing the following very basic tips one can find much greater mental health and happiness.

1. Get enough sleep: 7-9 hours per night, sleep is essential to process events of the day, when one is sleep deprived they are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors

2. Cut down caffeine intake: caffeine can increase anxiety and ups and downs in mood

3. Cut down sugar intake: sugar causes a short spike in energy then an even greater dip in energy

4. Exercise: exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good, and regular exercise increases energy and stabilizes mood

5. Examine your relationship with alcohol and drugs and cut back if needed

6. Talk about your feelings: when you hold feelings in they are stored in your body and can lead to depression, uncontrolled anger, increased anxiety, and can even lead to physical illness

7. Spend time outside

8. Create down time in your day: try cutting down TV or internet time and do nothing for a period of time

9. Keep your house neat: a messy environment creates a messy mind, we are completely effected by our environments

10. Call Monique for a free initial consultation 303-641-6773😁