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  • Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University with an emphasis in ecopsychology.

  • Hypnotherapy training from the Colorado School of Hypnotherapy.
  • Undergraduate degree in Nursing from the College of St. Catherine
  • I have extensive training as a Meditation Instructor and teacher.
  • Certificate training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders from Postpartum Support International.
  • When indicated I use the body centered method of EMDR as a means to work through both minor and major trauma (Certified EMDR level II).
  • I've received profound training from the School of Lost Borders in leading Vision Fasts, which includes helping individuals connect to the sacredness within and outside of themselves.
  • I've gotten other great experience working in Hospice, working at a holistic wellness center for Cancer patients, volunteering for BCAP, and working on an inpatient psychiatric unit.

I use a holistic approach to psychotherapy. Having been in the health care field for twenty years, I understand how certain thought patterns can lead to physical illness and how emotions and trauma are held in the body. I understand that we are a part of our environments, and that one way to heal is to heal our relationship with our environment. I am also aware that we are spiritual beings, and that healing the psyche includes healing our relationship with spirit. Through mindfulness, a body centered focus, Hypnotherapy, authentic presence, connecting with nature, EMDR, Gestalt techniques, and being with what arises, my clients are able to deeply connect with their inner nature and see through the barriers that limit them from their full potential.

On a personal note: I am happily married to a very wonderful man and have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors: backpacking, hiking, and leading others in the wilderness. I spend as much time as I can meditating and on meditation retreats. I love to be creative and this passion is fulfilled by designing jewelry and painting. I find the most meaningful part of my life is living genuinely and deeply connecting with others.