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Monique Letourneau RN, MA

Monique finds herself at home in the wilderness. She has extensive training in rights of passage work with the School of Lost Borders. She holds a master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, where she made ecopsychology her emphasis. Monique has a deep foundation in meditation and finds her spiritual practice and her relationship with her teacher Reggie Ray at the center of her life. When not out in the wilderness Monique has a private psychotherapy practice and works as a nurse on occasion. Her love for, and deep connection to nature bring her to this

work. Her call is to assist others to discover fully, and embrace who they are, and to find their own true nature through the power of the earth.       

Eric Romano

Eric has been a seasonal ranger in Olympic National

Park for three consecutive years, is a graduate from NOLS Pacific NW

course, Graduated from Naropa University with a degree in Yoga, minor

in Environmental Studies...Currently teaching yoga and meditation in

Olympia, WA. Certifications include Wilderness First Responder.

[email protected]

Jennifer Yamamoto, M.A.

A lover of big sky and wide open spaces, it is Jennifer’s passion to connect people to the wilderness of the natural world. Jennifer is a life coach, a poet, a long-distance backpacker, and a teacher of council and environmental education at Crossroads School. She trained and apprenticed in the vision fast ceremony and rites of passage with the School of Lost Borders and the Ojai Foundation, and is a member of the Wilderness Guides Council and a certified Wilderness First Responder. She lives mostly in Venice, CA.

[email protected]


Eric Romano

The wilderness fast has been an integral part of Ruth’s spiritual path, both as a practitioner and as a guide. Ruth studied at Naropa University, and by earning a degree in Religious Studies and Ecopsychology, she was able to bring her spirituality and her love for nature together. She has assisted, led, and participated in many fasts, all of which have emphasized bringing deep contemplation into the ceremony. She has been trained both as a student and as an apprentice through the School of Lost Borders. Currently, Ruth is studying at a university called Diamond Mountain that is located in the Arizona desert, and was founded by her spiritual Teacher, Geshe Michael Roach. She camps out under the vast desert sky during terms, keeping a daily schedule of silence, meditation, yoga, and study. She is also studying to become an Episcopal minister. Ruth’s deep reverence for ceremony and ritual, coming out of a foundation of solitude and contemplation, fuels her passion for leading wilderness quests.

[email protected]



In the rights of passage the guide acts as a midwife rather then a therapist. The midwife does very little, they just introduce the Vision Faster to Mother Nature and she does most of the work. The midwife does provide support for the faster in many ways, such as; giving them opportunities to express feelings about the journey during the preparation phase, as well as teaching them concepts, symbolism and tasks they can do to prepare, and giving them general information about performing ceremonies. The guide also points out the story, identifies gifts and helps them clarify and verify their experience.

A guide or midwife is like a medicine teacher, and this is someone who has formed an even deeper relationship with this process. Foster and Little say that to be able to help others do this work, the guide must be able to hear the voice of the indwelling nature. This person knows that "the higher agrees with the lower, that the microcosm of self contains the macrocosm of Self, that a single hour spent in nature contains the germs of a life story, that ‘within everything is the seed of everything’."