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The Hakomi Method of Experimental Psychotherapy

    Hakomi is a powerful and effective, yet gentle method of psychotherapy. It integrates the mindfulness and non-violence found in Taoist, Buddhist, and Native American traditions with a unique Western methodology.

    Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to Hakomi. Hakomi therapists have an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others- both their conscious and unconscious material - and convey this understanding. This creates a deep sense of safety and connection, and engages the cooperation of the unconscious.

    Hakomi is a body centered, somatic psychotherapy. The body is viewed as a door that can be opened to reveal the whole character and belief system of the individual. The body's structures and habitual patterns become a powerful access route to unconscious, core material.

    In therapy, these foundations are integrated with mindfulness and the Hakomi methodology to allow us to rapidly access the deeply held, unconscious beliefs and early experiences which shape our lives and relationships. When unconscious, this hidden material creates projections, conflict and disharmony in our interactions and inner lives. Once conscious and directly experienced, these patterns are available for transformation and re-integration. Powerful emotions, memories, and trauma my surface at times during the process and these are handled safely, gently, and effectively. As a depth-oriented modality, Hakomi is a direct, empowering, experiential process, and is also integrated cognitively for the client.

    The method is effective for both brief and long-term therapy. As Hakomi facilitates healing on a core level, the spirit and psyche become more alive. Each individual learns to bring more of their authenticity to all of their relationships and interactions, and to embrace new dimensions of experience and awareness.

"Hakomi" in a Hopi Indian word which means"Where do you stand in relation to the many realms?" or more simply, "Who are you?"