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Shamanic Healing with Catherine Ray

The traditions of Shamanic healing and soul retrieval have been practiced for thousands of years. The work of the Shaman is to heal spiritual fragmenting and illness. Everything starts in the realm of spirit and works its way down to the mental, emotional, and eventually to the physical. The Shamanic healer goes to the source, to the realm of spirit, and provides a cure. The healing that I do is called Soul Retrieval. It is a gentle and loving way of healing those parts of ourselves that have been hurt and unintentionally left behind.

In our world today with its ever quickening pace we are slipping further and further away from our essence, our own true nature. When we experience trauma or high levels of stress there is no time to retrace our steps and heal our wounded souls. Every experience that we have has an impact on our spirit. Through experiencing traumatic events, physical or emotional, we actually lose access to an aspect of ourselves. This is known as Soul Loss. What happens is that our consciousness will actually close off to the traumatized part as a way to cope with the pain. For example, a person who suffered from abuse as a child will most likely find themselves being in relationships that mirror the abuse that was suffered in childhood. This is because the abuse is the only world this person has ever known. The first time the child was hit, he/she lost the right to be loved, appreciated and respected. Our parents are the first people who we associate with love, so if this loved one also hurts us, we accept that as reality. Through soul retrieval this person would find the freedom and right to have healthy and loving relationships. A sense of strength and self respect would be found and there would no longer be the need to continue in these abusive relationships in order to work out what happened in childhood.

It is not only in early childhood or severe abuse that soul loss occurs. We all suffer traumas on a regular basis. It could be the death of a loved one, a bad break-up, the loss of a job, the trying years of adolescence, etc. All of these involve losing access to basic parts of ourselves which are essential for a full and fruitful life.

There are many different symptoms of soul loss, as there are many causes. Some of the most common symptoms, however, are depression, being spaced out, have recurring abusive patterns in relationships, or having no memory of large parts of your past. Other symptoms would be, if you suffer from an eating disorder or substance abuse, being disconnected from you body, having poor boundaries, feeling depleted and unable to cope with your life, or recurring fatigue or health issues, etc. Through soul retrieval we are opening the doors of these patterns, bringing back lost parts of our soul, and then finding a world outside that is waiting.

As a shamanic healer I enter non-ordinary reality by means of the journey trance. I use the sound of the drum to help me enter into a meditative state outside the boundaries of our three dimensional world. In this state I converse with my clients deeper self and get in contact with the missing soul pieces in order to bring them home. Throughout this time I narrate my experience and when I return my client and I will have a discussion about what has returned and the ways to integrate these soul pieces fully.

When we start to do this kind of healing we begin the wonderful journey of finding out who we truly are. When we are covered with layers of habitual patterns and fears we aren’t living up to our full potential. How could we? But as we retrieve lost parts of ourselves and start the process of becoming whole we begin to experience the beauty and abundance that is in our hearts and in the world around us. We can interact with people more fully on a much more genuine level, we can handle the stress of this chaotic world, and experience of our own mind is one of joy and well being.

If you feel that this work is something that would benefit you at this time in your life, I would love to meet with you. If you feel a connection with this but would like more information I would be happy to have a phone consultation. I meet with clients in person because I enjoy the face to face connection, but if you live out of town and would like to work with me, the soul retrieval process can be done just as easily and effectively long distant. Phone appointments for this can be arranged. You can contact me via email or phone.

[email protected] or (720)470-4633